Access Control

Electronic Access Protects Assets (EAC)

Why EAC?

One of the benefits of using access control systems is that unauthorized people cannot get in. Since doors need credentials before they unlock, only those you’ve given credentials to can access the area. With this system, you can be sure everyone in your building is supposed to be there.

Customized access control for any facility.

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Transport 

Traka Asset Access

Data Driven 

An access control system gives you data on who enters and exits a building or room and when. You can ensure people are working when they are supposed to be. If theft or an accident occurs, you know exactly who accessed a specific area at the time of the incident.

Traka Key Management

Easy & Reliable

An access control system allows you to “set and forget” who has access to each area of your business. Once you give the authorization, an employee can access all the areas they need to get their jobs done. With the scan of a key card or input of a PIN, the employee can get to wherever they need with ease.

If a credential is compromised, lost, stolen or no longer required. It’s as easy as a simple deletion process to rid the credential of it’s access.


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Customized Access

Traditional key-based security gets complicated in areas with multiple locations. A school with two campuses might have some faculty members that teach at both and some that teach only at one. A hospital with two buildings might need to grant different levels of access to people who work in each building or on each floor. A national or regional company might set security policies at their headquarters to be followed at each branch. 

Each of these situations can be managed with an access control system that can customize and implement access permissions across many locations.

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Make No Mistake

Automating your access control eliminates the possibility of human error causing a security breach. Readers don’t accidentally misread someone’s name on a name tag, forget to log an entry, or allow the same piece of equipment to be reserved multiple times in the same time slot.

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Return on Investment

EAC systems carry upfront costs, but they are very cost-effective purchases in the long run. They provide access control 24/7. EAC systems never get tired and never need shift changes. Suppose you have a cleaning crew coming in off-hours. In that case, you can ensure every one of their access requests is verified and logged without a human security officer needing to be on-site to monitor whether they’ve entered a restricted area.

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