SW100 & SW200i

Swing Door Automatic Door Operators

Automate & Excel!

Provide easy access for:

  • Principal entrances
  • Barrier-free paths of travel
  • Washrooms
  • Openings identified in the Ontario Building Code


Our Touch…

With the help of SLD, we can provide electricians what they wish they had on every project.

  • Site Specific Wiring Diagrams

Stop last minute timeline emergencies from occurring, simply by partnering with SLD!

A Product that Produces

Results to rave about in a compact enclosure.

Standard Header Length: 51″ – 99″
Standard Header Height: 4-5/16″
Standard Header Depth: 5-1/8″


  • Headers lengths are cut to size to fit jamb to jamb for a sleek installation
  • Header Finishes are Clear Anodized Aluminum, Duro and Black

Peripheral Device Support

The right devices for the right application!

  • Activation Switches: Push, Wave & Sensor
  • Universal Washroom Kits
  • Emergency Call Kits
  • Electrified Hardware: Strikes, Electromechanical Devices
  • Safety Sensors
SW100 & SW200i - Built-In Features & Benefits

Out of the box features not found in any other low energy operator!

Obstruction Sensing for Optimal Safety

If the door becomes obstructed during operation, the operator will stop the door and reverse the movement.

Learn Cycle for Opening Specifics

Installers perform an initial inertia test to measuring the weight of your door and the open and closed positions.

Strategic Closing for Security

If an attempt to close the door is unsuccessful, the operator will reverse 10 degrees and reclose in an attempt to successfully lock the door.

Stack Pressure Compensation

The electronic control allows for an increase of force to overcome mild stack pressures when the door is closing.

Latch & Lock Assurance

Applies more power in last 5 degrees of closing to make sure the door latches.

Power Assisted Opening

Lowers the open force down to 5 pounds of force when the door is used manually.





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