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We Make it Easy…

Managing any number of facilities requires a specific approach to ensure public, tenant and base building safety and asset security. 

There is no one-size fits all strategy. However, there are best practices that can be implemented. 

  • Properly Designed Master Key Systems
  • Electronic Access Control Solutions
  • Cameras & Alarms 
  • Automated Openings
  • Key Holder Authorization & Record Keeping
  • Primary Pathway Maintenance & Inspection 
  • Preventative Services


    One-Call Does it All!

    No matter how big or small, we make it easy with one point of contact for any Property, Facility or Maintenance Manager. 

    There is no sense making your life harder than it needs to be, SLD can take care of all the different door hardware types within your space.

    Whether new installations are required, or the service of existing devices, we have experience in all fields:

      • Automatic Door Operators, Swing & Sliding Doors
      • Electronic Hardware & Accessories
      • Mechanical Hardware & Accessories
      • Fire Rated Hardware & Accessories
      • Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
      • Cylindrical, Mortise & Exit Device Locking Hardware
      • Keys, Cylinders & Padlocks
      • Cabinet, Desk & Office Furniture (Cam Locks)

      Ask us How

      With over 70 years of industry experience, we have this down to a science. If you have a problem, we have a solution. 

      We work with our clients, first and foremost. By listening to concerns, strategizing an approach and implementing a positive outcome. 

      We understand that results are what produces excellence.  


        Here’s how SLD ensures peace of mind:

        Same Day Service

        Security is top of mind and not all service requests can wait a day or two for repair. If you have an emergency, SLD will be there same day, often within a 4-hour window of your request! 

        Experienced Staff

        With 70 years of service, SLD staff are experienced. All staff go through rigorous training to solve any service request that comes our way. With multiple levels of expertise, our staff encompasses mechanical, electronic, electromechanical and automated hardware service professionals. 

        Know How

        The knowledge to repair the current hardware, combined with the expertise to advise how to prevent future hardware failures.

        Easy To Work With

        Simply send photos to [email protected] and describe the issue at hand, we will respond right away with service options for your consideration. 

        Budget Concious

        Good, Better & Best hardware options available. Ranging from Grade 3 to Grade 1, hardware to fit most budgets!


        30 Day workmanship guarantee for labour services provided. Manufacturer’s warranty on all hardware supplied by SLD.

        Efficient Proposal Processing

        In a world where proposals often come first, SLD can provide service budgets within hours of most requests.

        Preventative Maintenance

        Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually or customized preventative maintenance programs are available at a cost effective rate. Prevent future problems by maintaining what is in place. 





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