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Keys come in all different types, standard, restricted, patented, end-user and digital. Some are made with brass, others with nickel, some are plated and others have computer chips. Our staff is experienced and trained to assist with any type of keying need. Whether a complex multi-level mechanical key solution, or a sophisticated programmable digital key solution.

Cylinders from key in knob, to mortise and rim, wherever a key has been – we can account for who’s gone in!

Here’s how Medeco XT ensures peace of mind:

Controlled Access

Keys are electronically programmed to open only specific locks during a designated schedule. Schedules may also contain an expiration point to completely disable the key until it is audited and reprogrammed.


Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time- and date-stamped record of every event, including authorized accesses and unauthorized attempts. This data can be viewed in the conventional spreadsheet fashion using the Audit Report or can be displayed graphically using Visual Audit that greatly enhances your ability to see issues quickly.

Electronic Rekeying and Scheduling

Respond quickly to security threats, lost or stolen keys or personnel changes without the added cost of changing your locks and keys.

Easy Installation

Medeco XT keys provide all power to the cylinder, eliminating the need for any hard wiring or power supply. Simply remove the existing mechanical cylinder and install the Medeco XT cylinder.

Physical Security

Medeco XT products add a wide variety of intelligent features without compromising on physical security. Attack-resistant design and tamper-proof features provide strong protection against forced entry.

Cloud-Based Security and Convenience

Online access to all programming, analytics and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of cloud-based software.

Efficient System Management

Medeco cloud-based XT Web Manager Software contains tools that will help you manage your security more efficiently. Flexible programming, scheduled access and full audit reports are offered with the convenience of cloud-based software.

Wide Variety of Cylinders

Medeco XT cylinders are available to fit nearly any application or hardware type for enhanced security and accountability.

Intelligent Keys for Any Opening!

 Intelligent keys allow you to reach 90% of openings that might otherwise be considered cost prohibitive.

 Solutions include:

  • Hundreds of cylinder formats are available including SFIC
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Simple retrofit for mechanical cylinders
  • No power or wiring required
  • No changes to existing door hardware
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Stores up to 2,000 audit events
  • Rated for -40 ̊F to 140 ̊F
  • Break-away stainless steel plug face means lock will fail-secure
  • Drill resistant inserts for higher security

Cloud-based Key Systems!

Cloud services have become an integral part of our daily lives. Now we can leverage the power of secure cloud-based services to change the way we manage access control.

These key systems enable you to:

  • Pull time/date-stamped audits from keys and cylinders and generate reports
  • Create and quickly change key access rights
  • Create and quickly change schedules that define when access may occur
  • Program keys to expire at a specific time and date and no longer operate until revalidated; this enhances key control and reduces risks if key is lost or stolen
  • Access profiles and cylinder groups speed programming for larger installations
  •  Program keys to control who has access to what and when access is allowed





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