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Medeco M4 

The Highest Level of Mechanical Security

Medeco builds on more than 50 years of lock engineering innovation and takes security to the next level, offering the highest level of protection against physical attack and unauthorized key duplication with Medeco 4 (M4).

Patent Protected Until 2040 


Piece of Mind…

M4 high security cylinders are UL 437 Listed with solid brass construction and hardened-steel inserts to thwart drilling attacks. In addition to bottom pins that lift and rotate, M4’s design includes 4 Side Pins made up of 3 Finger Pins and 1 Lift Pin. The Lift Pin is activated by contact with the Shuttle Pin movable element in the key, providing high-level key duplication integrity. The Finger Pins work with Secondary Side cuts on the key to provide increased security and greater potential combinations.


Protection for the Future!

The patent-pending M4 key with Shuttle Pin movable element protects against the emerging threat of 3D printing for added credential security. Passing UL 437 and ANSI/BHMA rigid testing procedures affirms Medeco 4’s ability to protect people and property.   



Here’s how Medeco M4 ensures peace of mind:


Key Control

Patent-pending key control protects against unauthorized duplication of keys through 2040.

Protection Against 3D Printing

A patent-pending movable element in the key deters unauthorized 3D printed copies of keys or blanks.

Picking & Bumping Protection

M4 high security cylinders use cylinder side pins, a shuttle lift pin and a movable element in the key to engage a sidebar to prevent opening until the elements are rotated and aligned in the correct position, protecting against bumping, picking and other attacks.

Uses Existing Hardware

M4 cylinders are available in a wide variety of formats, retrofitting most hardware on the market.

Protection from Physical Attack

M4 high security cylinders are UL 437 listed for protection against drilling, picking, and other forms of physical attack.

Angled Cut Keys

A special key cutting machine and access to Medeco-specific blanks are required to duplicate M4 keys, which are available in multiple levels of restriction to support every need.

Expansive Capabilities

M4 cylinders can be master keyed into a system that includes M4, BiLevel, and M4 CLIQ keys and cylinders. Very large systems are possible.

Wide Variety of Cylinders

Medeco M4 cylinders are available to fit nearly any application or hardware type for enhanced security and accountability.





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